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Woman beaded boho bracelet RAINBOW multicolor collection

Rainbow collection tiny beaded bracelets. Handmade with glass Japanese beads, in these colorful bracelets, I take the liberty to experiment, mixing colors and different finishing to create unusual combinations. We could say the result it’s a kind of twist of the well-known friendship bracelet but in a modern interpretation.

As these bracelets have a lot of experimentation and I rarely made two identical feel free to contact me if you pick one of these, and let me know your color preferences. I will be happy to create new combinations with your collaboration! ;-)

Handwoven bracelet made with tiny glass Japanese beads. These are high-quality beads, very soft and regular. The result is a light and smooth bracelet, really comfortable to wear.

Size S bracelet: 12cm (long) x 6 mm (wide)

Each bracelet is finished with nylon thread, and it’s adjustable to all sizes thanks to a sliding knot.

Most bracelets are made to order, please allow a few days for your bracelet to be made.