About me

Hey there!

I'm a Spanish native living in Switzerland, and I have a little confession to make: my bracelet-making journey started by pure chance! During one of my trips, I stumbled upon these adorable Miyuki beads and instantly fell in love with them. Can you believe it? They were like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered! šŸ˜Š

I started making bracelets as a hobby, just for fun. I played around with different designs and colors that I would personally love to wear. It was such a blast that I couldn't resist turning my passion into something more. That's how Carmen Salvador Jewelry came to life in 2017!

When it comes to creating my bracelets, inspiration can strike from anywhere: It could be a beautiful painting, a pattern on a fabric, the wonders of nature, stunning architecture, or even the snapshots I capture during my travels. I love to infuse each piece with a touch of artistry and uniqueness.

Quality and handmade craftsmanship are incredibly important to me. I pour my heart and soul into every single piece. From designing in beautiful Switzerland to handcrafting each bracelet with love, I put in a lot of effort to ensure you receive something truly special.

To create these little masterpieces, I use top-notch Japanese Miyuki beads. They're made of glass and have the most amazing soft and smooth finish. I weave each bracelet on a traditional loom, using a sturdy yet gentle nylon thread that guarantees a comfortable and lightweight feel when you wear it.

Now, here's a heads up: although I try my best to capture the true colors in my product photos, it's possible that there might be slight variations due to different monitor or phone screen settings. But don't worry, if you have any questions about the colors or sizes, I'm here to help! Just reach out, and I'll be more than happy to assist you.

Seeing you enjoy wearing your bracelet or necklace is my ultimate joy! It's like a little celebration every time I hear that my creation has brought a smile to your face. So, please, feel free to share your thoughts and impressions with me. You can leave a comment here, reach out on Instagram or Facebook, or even send me an email. Your feedback means the world to me!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting handmade creations. Your support keeps my dream alive! ā™„