About me

Spanish living in Switzerland, I started making bracelets as a hobby when I discovered these Miyuki beauties by chance on a trip. I really loved the technique and possibilities, so I decided to learn how to do them, and I started to play with different designs and color combinations I would fancy wear myself. I can tell you that was really fun to do, so I kept doing it ;-) And, from 2017, Carmen Salvador Jewelry is the result.

I find inspiration for my bracelets often in painting, textiles, nature, architecture, traveling, photography... I have a consistent commitment to quality and handmade design: all pieces are designed in Switzerland and handcrafted by me with much effort and love.

I use high-quality Japanese Miyuki beads which are made of glass, with a very soft and regular finish. I weave every bracelet on a traditional loom, with a strong but soft nylon thread, that makes the wearing very comfortable and light. 

Please note that although the effort made to photograph the pieces, there can be variations in the color depending on the monitor or phone screen. You can contact me with any questions about the color or size. 

I really hope you enjoy wearing your bracelet as much as I have designing and making it for you, and I would love to hear your opinions about it. Feel free to comment here, and also on Instagram or Facebook, or just send me an email giving me your impressions! it is really wonderful when you get feedback from a client :-)

Thank you for supporting handmade! ♥